Beekeeping – Top Feeder Insert Fix

I’ve tried a few styles when it comes to feeders and have determined two things:

  1.  I really like top feeders as opposed to entrance feeders (I just don’t like period) and frame feeders (I consider invasive for regular feeding).
  2. Bees are determined to drown themselves.

That being said, I especially like the idea of the plastic inserts…

Top Feeder Plastic Insert
Top Feeder Plastic Insert

but don’t know if anyone else has had the same problem with bees escaping and drowning (little buggers). At first, it seems like a really good design, but, after heavy casualties I decided to take another look at it.

The design appears to be missing something to keep the sides from flexing open, after some thought, I decided on a simple fix based on those metal bands you put on table cloths when you go camping.

So I grabbed an electrician’s fish tape as my material of choice and made a few bends in it. Here’s how.

Electrician's Fish Tape

Measure out about 3 1/4″ and bend over 90 Degrees like so

3 1/4" x 90 Degrees

Followed by another bend at 1 3/4″, again over 90 Degrees

1 3/4" x 90 Degrees

Cut off at 3 1/4″

3 1/4"

Add two small bends about a 1/2″ from the ends to keep it from digging into your screen

Slight Bends

Use the new clip to pinch the sides tight all the way down to the liquid level


Put the screw back in, this time trap your clip in place with the shoulder of the screw.

screw back in

Pay no attention to the sealant tape, I had to close a few holes (caused from a quick fix while still in the hive).


Hope this helps.