Guinea fowl

This was written by our eldest daughter on November 1, 2014:

As you may know, our new house came with 9 ginneahens. They mostly roam the property and the neighbors property eating bugs and stuff. We had no idea which were girls and which were boys.

Well, mom picked me up from school and said the usual “what we sold”

and who bought the stuff. Mom said “As the couple who bought chickens went down the driveway, they were taking a long time. We went down to see what was up, and they found 6 little ginneahens chicks!” (I don’t know what they are actually called)

The wife wanted one, so my mom handed her one in secret and kept it in her pocket. (Shoutout to her husband: I wish I could have seen your face when you found out) We now have 5 on their second day of life.

Two are gray and three are brown and black. They are extremely noisy, they are incredibly fast, they have little fuzzy feathers, and are eating chick starter by their first day. At time of writing, they are doing fine.

We have a heat lamp in a horse trough with wood shavings (same as rabbits).

So, we now have 14 ginneahens, 1 dog, 1 peacock, 7 chickens, 9 and one pregnant rabbits, some occasional sheep that wonder into our yard, and countless bees.