Homesteading – Chicken Tractor #2

OK, so we built Chicken Tractor #1 and really liked it. While we waited for chicks to become available, I know right – we actually got it done before we needed it, we decided to list it on CL to see if anyone else would be interested it, as it turns out we met and sold it to a really nice couple.

After we sold #1, we looked over the design again and decided to make the next one a little different. Here is what we came up with:


6′ x 14′ Chicken Coop/Tractor.

6′ x 6′ Coop features easy access from end via hinged side panels (coop itself is rotated 90 degrees)

  •  9 nesting boxes
  • Full width roosting bar
  • Hinged and screened ventilation window
  • 2″ x “2 1/2″ roofing supports
  • Cedar plank and screen floor (1/2 & 1/2).

6′ x 14′ Run features

  • Heavy gauge ½” square wire for night time safety from predators.
  • Run also features an access gate for “free range” activities during the day.
  • Can be moved regularly to provide fresh grass & bugs and fertilize the lawn.

IMG_2289 (Large)

IMG_2278 (Large)

IMG_2240 (Large)

IMG_2239 (Large)








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