Homesteading – Chicken Tractor #1

A while back Melissa came to me wanting to try to raise chickens again…. ugh.

She did say that she had seen something called a chicken tractor that would make for a better experience with the chickens (wouldn’t take much to be honest). I studied the designs she found, put our own spin on it and built our first one… we liked it so much we decided to list it on CL to see if someone else might be interested. Turns out, there was. Be sure to check out Chicken Tractor #2


4′ x 8′ Chicken Coop/Tractor.

Coop features easy access from either side via hinged side panels

  • 7 nesting boxes
  • Full length roosting bar
  • Hinged and screened ventilation window
  • 2″ x “4” roofing supports
  • 7 ply flooring.

Run features

  • 2″ x 4″ and 2″ x 6″ PT lumber and heavier gauge ½” square wire for night time safety from predators.
  • Run also features an access gate for “free range” activities during the day.
  • Can be moved regularly to provide fresh grass & bugs and fertilize your lawn.










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